I was the boy who was thinking always in my heart from sufferings by other children since childhood.

I had been in hard to live unexpectedly and unforgettable things made me not so happy life. If I was hurt, my heart was ignored, I tasted terrible pains always.

 Some experiences at the junior highscholl age that made me be hurted and considered from the problems. "Is there a God?"

 At such time, an encounter with the teacher of the Christian, my heart was resolved softlly for understanding the Christianity..

Then I had a lover who cursed me toward hard relationship, but God give me the thinking of that I don't have Love. and I fell on the floor of my room, I cried out because my deep sins were appeared by God's spirit.

I prayed to Jesus. From my eyes, so many tears flowed out and I said that Please forgive me from my sin. Imidiatelly the feeling of forgiveness by Jesus cross. The actually thing of history of Israel. I understood God. The blood of cross for me..

 Jesus told me all true things about whati is sin and right. I was enveloped God's whole love within the light and had peaceful time of knowing the true Bible.    

by Takumi Hombu